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Step 1:

deposit is required to book your date and will be subtracted from your total.

$100 for Bridal BOOKING

$100 for Event BOOKING

$20 for Individual BOOKING

(If you are booking for Bridal & Event then only one deposit of $100 is required for both)

This deposit is non-refundable.


Deposit can be paid through One The Following Ways:


Venmo: madiham

Apple Pay: (949) 562-9350

PayPal (Option Friends & Family): info@unrivaledhenna.com

paypal Direct Link: PayPal.Me/madihamhenna/25

Square CAsh: $Madiham

Squrecash Direct link: cash.me/$madiham

Step 2:

click on the Form below that applies to you and fill out all the information.

After receiving your Form and the Deposit, we will send you the contract within the next 72 hours Or As soon as possible.

Click here to view Sample Bridal Contract

Click here to view Sample Event Contract

Travel Fee will be added to your total cost and is Calculated based on the distance from artist's Location to your location (round trip) at $0.55cents per mile.