Modern Henna Coverage: $150 - $250+

Traditional Henna Coverage: $200 - $350+

Royal Henna Coverage: $250 - $450+

Displayed Bridal pricing indicates both hands/arms (all four sides) and both feet/legs.

A customized design can be created for you to fit your style, budget and preference :)

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For the darkest stain, I highly recommend Henna/Jagua should be booked 3 days prior to your event(s), as it takes 48 hours for the stain to develop.

Please avoid scheduling your Bridal Henna session on the same day as your Mehndi/Dholki/Sangeet Party. Bridal Henna application process is preferred to be in a quiet, distraction free working environment. It allows artists to create beautiful work in a timely manner. 

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