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Madiha was a pleasure to work with and she was enjoyable to talk to. She was professional and provided me with all the information and paperwork needed. Her work was amazing and she did it really quickly. I liked that she provided the guest with options to choose from. The guest enjoyed this as an additional activity for a School Winter Formal. (Christine 2/9/19)


Madiha is a truly talented artist and an absolutely lovely person! I can't recommend her enough. She really took time to talk through the consultation with me, even though I completely trusted her and didn't feel too particular about design. She gave great guidance and had some really creative ideas to include in the design. Her work speaks for itself. It's incredibly intricate and very clearly the work of an artist. In addition to all of that, she is such a sweet, wonderful, but assertive person, which is all great to have in the days before a wedding and at Desi wedding events! She comes prepared and also well-versed in making sure guests do not accidentally mess up the mendhi in the drying process while they are all greeting the bride - a difficult but necessary task!! She was very patient with me as well as I started to get very ansty and had a hard time sitting in one spot for 7+ hours! She was kind and accommodating though of my comfort while also making sure the mendhi itself got done. I can't say enough great things about Madiha! - (Dhwani 8/23/18)


Madiha is one of the best mehndi artists I have came across. She did an amazing job on my bridal mehndi. She used completely natural mehndi and the stain came out so dark and beautiful! It lasted for weeks! Definitely recommend her!! - Sabrina (12/19/18)


I learned about Madiha through Instagram and decided to give her a try. I can't begin to tell you how impressed and excited I was by how much time and care she has put into understanding Henna and sourcing only the best organic kind. She uses organic sustainable henna, mixed with natural oils so it's not harsh or harmful to the skin. She is so committed to getting rid of chemical henna use that she educates others and makes people aware. The color stain progresses the way henna naturally should, so you have to sleep with it and keep it warm. She applied henna for all the ladies of the wedding house and our designs and stain came out beautifully. She is able to recreate any design you request or artfully customize one to suit you specifically. I would highly highly recommend Madiha for her professionalism, creativity and understanding of henna. - Fiona (2/7/19)


I found Madiha through Instagram and had her do my bridal henna. I'm not crazy about the full traditional look so I was glad she had different options. I showed her a few designs and she incorporated them easily and also came up with more designs on her own to go with my modern look.

Her prices are also reasonable and she is really talented! Her henna looks clean and detailed, and it's homemade, healthier for the skin! I'm a very picky person and I was completely happy with her work, which is saying a lot. I got many complements on my wedding day!

Madiha is also very sweet, so sitting with her for 4 hours while she worked on me was also fun!

I highly recommend her! - Latisha (12-13-18)


Madiha is the best henna artist I have ever come across. I couldn't be happier with how attentive and detailed she was for my big day. Even though she was out of the country, she was still very responsive to whatever concerns I had.

Madiha starts out by asking the designs you are interested in and once she has an idea, she draws the sketch of the design for you! She came to my house during a big gathering and wasn't bothered by the guests or the chaotic noises at all. She even stayed longer to finish my mom's henna when the other girls who were working on the guests had left. And, let my tell you about that stain from her henna... It's amazing!!! I loved loved loved my design and the stain! Thank you Madiha! I totally recommend her! - Ginny (11/27/18)


Madiha did an awesome job! She uses a 100% all natural fruit based jagua that has none of the harmful chemicals that other commercial products have. I got a simple design that she copied from a digital picture perfectly. After the jague rubbed off, it only left a very faint mark. However, after a few hours, it got very dark! It was a great experience and would definitely book her for a party or recommend to anyone. - Tomas (1/20/19)


Unrivaled Henna did my daughters Bat Mitzvah a couple weeks ago and did an amazing job. The art was unique, neat and efficiently done. The kids absolutely loved the henna art. It is almost 2 weeks later and the Henna is still looking great! I wouldn't hesitate to hire Unrivaled Henna again for my next event . - Lilya


Madiha did my bridal henna. she had me pick a design of my own from a website that I like and corporate any other designs that I wanted instead of the original design. She worked well and was very patient with me. Everyone loved my henna, it came out dark maroon/blackish by the 3rd day. She only uses natural henna and that's the only kind I get; natural organic henna without any chemicals. I loved the koala she got on my feet :D plus the Ganesh on my right arm and peacock on my left arm. Also, a place where I was proposed ..she drew the background of the scene and did a good job with it. Everyone loved her intricate designs.
I highly recommend Madiha for any henna events. still can't believe how dark it came out and how long it stayed.
Thank you very much !! - Akshita (12/7/18)

I hired Madhia for my mendhi function at home and at my sangeet. She was so pleasant to work with and very professional! Everyone loved her. Highly recommend! - Priyanka (9/20/18)


She was by far an amazing mehndi artist to work with! I had a vision to incorporate my wedding logo and she created magic with it!! I am so so happy with my design and the way it came out!! They were very accommodating and spent so much time on my design! They had a great comfortable set up too! Loved every minute of it and got so many compiled on my hennah!!! - Sumiyah (8/15/18)


Madiha did a great job doing mehndi for my family. Her communication was always solid, her pricing is great, and her work is beautiful. She was even able to help me arrange for a second artist so everyone could get multiple hands/sides done. Most importantly, she was able to communicate with and please the aunties/moms! Thank you Madiha! -Hibah (8/31/18)


She managed to get me in even when she was fully booked for my bridal mehndi and I couldn't have been happier with the results! She's super kind, super friendly, and does such a wonderful job in a short amount of time. - Sarah/Kheira (8/9/18)


I had my bridal mehndi done as well as a party for my guests for my wedding- she did a great job! Her pricing, experience and she was excellent to be around (long time for bridal!) She incorporated the unique details that I asked for so nicely!
Thank you again! Reva - (8/1/18)


I hired Madiha to do my bridal henna and it came out amazing! Henna was the one thing that I was being very picky about. I'm so happy that i went with Madiha. I showed her designs that i found online and she recreated them with a few customizations. She was professional and very friendly. I got my henna done on a tuesday and my wedding was on a Saturday, the henna stain was dark and lasted for a while. - Kirin (8/14/18)

Madiha was incredible! Very passionate and knowledgable about the henna and jagua process.I had a very large jagua piece done on my forearm for this year's Burning Man - I got nonstop compliments and people telling me how great it looks.10/10 I will definitely come back to her for my next event! - Allen (8/22/18)


I booked Madiha to do henna for my friend's bridal shower and everything was absolutely perfect. From reserving a date to details of payment, everything was very professional. Madiha was early to arrive and set up her own table and chairs. She worked so fast that everyone at the event (35-40 people) got henna and was able to go up multiple times.
The henna was absolutely beautiful and lasted just over a week for me because I wash my hands a lot for work.
I highly recommend using Madiha!! - Amanda (7/14/18)


Madiha was a very special part of my daughter and son-in-law's wedding shower. She was on time, very professional and artistic. Almost all of my guests had their hands done and really loved the added touch. The henna smelled very good and lasted beautifully. - Stephanie (8/5/18)


Madiha was very professional and did an amazing job for my bridal henna!! The stain has lasted over a week now and is still very dark. The henna session took about 4 hours for an intricate design on both sides of the hands and for the feet. She then wrapped me up in bandages so that I could keep the henna on overnight without messing up the design or worry about it falling off and making a mess. Will definitely use her again for more services! - Sarah (8/7/18)


I hired Madiha to do henna for my family and friends for my wedding. She is an amazing artist and did an impeccable job accommodating everyone and their requests. She was fast and was able to get through everyone. She was even sweet enough to stay late to do extra hands and the quality of her work was consistent throughout the night. Definitely recommend!! - Emaal (7/10/18)


Madiha is amazing! She did my henna for my engagement party this past weekend. Almost a week later, and I'm still getting compliments on how beautiful and dark the stain is. Thank you for taking the time to ensure that my mehndi design was perfect. - Roohi (6/5/18)


We booked Madiha for our event and she was AMAZING. All our guests would tell how sweet she was. She was open to doing all kinds of designs including providing her own. She was very easy to work with as well. She responded to texts and was very accommodating. Not to mention her prices are incredible. I can't wait to have her at another event. She is the sweetest vendor ever !!! - Fatema (4/28/18)


Madhia is amazing! We recently held an event for over 2,000 girls in the community and she came out and did an unbelievable job. She was one of the highlights of the event. The girls couldn't stop talking about how much they loved their tattoos.

She in incredibly kind and we can't wait to use her again! I highly recommend Madhia!!!! - Gina (4/27/18)


We booked Madiha to help us celebrate our daughter's birthday party. She exceeded our expectations. She arrived early, brought her own table and chairs and organized the group very quickly. Everyone loved her amazing designs.
We highly recommend Madiha and wouldn't hesitate to book her again. - Beth (5/19/18)


Madiha brought custom designs specific to the needs of the party. At our Sweet 16 party, we had a lot of teenagers and I had asked her to put together some small but pretty designs to accomodate a large number of people. One interesting thing that happened was that one of the guests accidentally smeared her henna about 20 minutes after application. She thought it was ruined and didn't have a chance to get a new application from Madiha. I saw her the next day and the design was intact! The quality of henna that Madiha used was great. There was no pungent smell, the color took and was a nice reddish brown the following day and as I mentioned even with the occasional smear, the original design had taken hold on the skin soon after application. I would highly recommend Madiha and now I hope to have her at my events, at my home and just any time that my daughters and I feel like getting some nice henna done, we'll be reaching out to Unrivaled Henna! - Rani (5/11/18)


I had Madiha do my henna for my engagement ceremony. Her work was absolutely perfect and she was very quick!
I had chosen a design ahead of time and Madiha was able to replicate it exactly. The stain came out more prominently on the third day and lasted about a week. I also loved that the henna that Madiha had made was all natural so the smell when applied wasn't overwhelming at all.

She also provided after care instructions which I did not follow exactly but still achieved a pretty great stain! - UmmeHani (4/26/18)


Madiha was a sweetheart. Having her was the highlight of our party. Everyone loved their Henna. I would hire her again for sure. Thank you! - Clary (5/5/18)


Madiha did my bridal henna, and she went above and beyond my expectations! First off, she's super professional and organized. She sent me pictures of possible designs, before and after care instructions, and all additional information as soon as I was confirmed. And if you have any further questions she's responsive and thorough in addressing them. She arrived on time with all the supplies needed-cones, chairs, table etc.-and was ready to go! One of the best parts of getting your henna done by her is that she makes her own paste. I was so sick of using the chemical-y henna from stores that fades in an unpleasant way and dries the skin. Her henna is fragnant and soothing to the skin! And most importantly, her work as an artist is exceptional. The design she did on me was beautiful, clean, and detailed. The stain was so rich and dark! My henna ended up being one of the highlights of my wedding look. Looking for an excuse to get my henna done by her again! - Emaan (3/27/18)


Madiha was such a great person to work with for my bridal Mehndi. She worked on every detail that I requested for my Mehndi. Each design was very unique and just the way I wanted. She would message me back right away to work back and forth on the design. She was very professional as she came on time and even brought her own sitting station so the mehndi is put on just right. The price was very reasonable as well. Needless to say the mehndi turned out perfect and the color of the mehndi came out super dark the next day. Thank you Madiha. I will make sure every one I know gets their mehndi done from you. - Aarti (3/20/18)


Madiha responses very quickly, is very flexible, and can replicate any design you give her! She did my bridal henna as well as henna for all my in-laws. The henna she uses is all natural and becomes a beautiful dark color just after one day. Very talented, kind, and accommodating - would recommend her to anyone! - Dania (3/29/18)


Mediha is awesome. She did wonderful henna for our family members. She was very flexible with the time and the place. She is very patient and we all loved her work. The henna came out very dark. Thank you Mediha! - Minal (4/25/18)

Madiha is wonderful! So polite, accommodating & well-prepared!
Her work is so perfect, others would think its an actual stick on tattoo!
So glad I was able to get in touch with Madiha. I will always book Madiha for all our Henna needs !
Thank you so much for beautifying our hands :D -Rubina (4/12/18)


Madiha is so talented, passionate, and caring. I envisioned a very unique design for my nikkah Mendhi and Madiha was able to surpass my expectations and bring it to life. I wanted to incorporate elements of my proposal in downtown LA and Disneyland in my Mendhi designs. She sent me multiple designs that she applied real henna on hand templates and I could tell that she practiced the intricate details over and over so the final result on my hands was PERFECT. She came to my house and applied it on my hands and feet and used a special tape on top to ensure I wouldn't mess up the design or have Mendhi crumbs all over my bed in the morning. Lastly, she made a special gift package that included elements to help the stain darken and last as long as possible.
My husband and family loved it, and the stain came out so dark. I couldn't be thankful enough for her. - Zenith (10/5/17)

Loved my henna tattoo. Madiha was very professional & gave me exactly what I asked for! - Amanda (3/10/18)


Unrivaled truly is the correct name for Madiha! Her work, service, and talent are unmatched. She strives for perfection and always does an amazing job. She makes the client feel at home and I can say has left an impact with mauled and my family. She did my siste's brida henna and everyone was raving at how beautiful it was. She's a true force to be reckoned with! - Aisha (11/22/17)


We were thoroughly please! Everyone loved their henna art. Great price! I definitely recommend.- Mary (12/9/17)


Madiha did my bridal mehndi on very short notice and she did an exceptional job! She was so precise with her skills and was able replicate the exact design I wanted. My bridal mehndi turned out so dark and I got so many compliments! Definitely recommend going with Madiha for bridal/event mehndi! - Omyma (4/14/17)


Madiha did an amazing job on my mehndi for my wedding! I've never really been a fan of mehndi but I loved the mehndi she did on my hands. She's very patient and really considers what her clients want. I'm still impressed with how professional and prepared she is, and I'd highly recommend her to anyone that wants to get mehndi done that will last for more than a couple of days. (my mehndi lasted for a week and I wash my hands a lot)

I don't know of anyone else that makes their own mehndi from scratch. It's clear that she's passionate not only about doing mehndi, but also making sure that her clients love their mehndi. - Amina (11/22/17)


After contacting several Henna Artists I decided to go with Unrivaled Henna, Great Decision! All of my party guests (including me)love our henna tattoo design and the whole experience. Everyone had a great time. I will definitely recommend her and will use her services for future parties. FYI, even a MAN got a henna tattoo from her at my party. She helped make my birthday very special. - TiJahnni (2/10/18)


Madiha is dedicated and profusely creative! Creativity is in her soul and and I greatly appreciate all the excellent Henna Design she has done for me. Her quality of work is extensive and she keeps challenging herself to do more difficult and intricate designs! All the best to you Madiha! -Rachna


I'hv worked with her on a photo-shoot and she's absolutely amazing. She's very talented at what she does and I would highly recommend her. I'hv also gotten henna done from her and I received so many compliments. - Daniel